Wonder Skincare Is Making Digital Consults Mainstream With Their Bespoke Experience

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wonder skincare

Who else finds the scenery of a derm clinic to be etched in your mind? You know what I’m talking about, those bright lights, an airy sun-filled waiting room, spotless décor – it’s hard to forget. Couple this, with staff that answers every question and concern with acute detail and a wide smile makes me forget (if only for a moment) the steep cost I fork over once the appointment ends; this is with no products in tow, I might add.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love trips to the skin doctor – in fact, I cherish them. It’s almost like a treat, a self-care activity. But the lack of affordability to receive quality skin advice is not sustainable for my wallet. I’m fortunate to live within a major city, which means getting to an appointment is NBD. But I can’t help but think about those who live in neighboring cities, or worse, remote regions where access to professional skin advice is far from existent.

Wonder Skincare – Canada’s first virtual skincare clinic and online skincare retailer – looks to change this. Yes, you heard that right. Skin lovers across every inch of the nation can finally rejoice in knowing there is a company that looks to address your concerns, doling out expert skin insight and recommending scientifically backed products – all from the comfort and safety of home. 

I spoke exclusively with Wonder’s Skin Therapist, Sarah Kurmis, and Chief Marketing Officer, Tara Carere, who helped answer some of their most popular questions, including what a typical consult looks like and how you can get started on your new skin journey right now.  

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Wonder Skincare? 

“Wonder Skincare is for anyone in Canada looking to access personalized skincare advice and effective products without compromising on service and care. Whether you’re adopting good habits early for prevention, looking to get a little bit more out of your skincare routine, or hoping to turn back the clocks for more youthful skin, we truly believe the right skincare can take anyone towards their skin goals”, explains Carere.

Or if you’re someone who is solely looking to purchase high-quality products delivered straight to your door from a reputable retailer – Wonder is here for you too.

The Importance of Diversity and Self-Love 

As a Canadian business, Carere tells me the responsibility they have in ensuring conscious efforts are always made to promote diversity and inclusion in every facet of Wonder – starting with their consumers. Skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather than catering to one specific skin concern or color, Wonder values helping individuals across all ethnicities, backgrounds, and skin types.

But aside from this, I sense there is another mission for Wonder: empowering you to love the skin you’re in, at any age. Much of what we see in media has been edited, filtered, refined to such a degree that it becomes a nearly impossible challenge to decipher fact from fiction. While makeup is commonly used as a creative outlet, a form of play, it can also mask our insecurities. There is nothing more powerful than feeling beautiful sans makeup; to unveil our most authentic selves. To get excited about going bare-faced. And I have a feeling Wonder would agree. 

Who is the Skin Expert that Hosts the Consultation? 

Sarah Kurmis is Wonder’s Skin Therapist and Certified Medical Aesthetician, who brings over 17 years of industry knowledge and expertise to the table. 

What Does A Typical Consultation Look Like? 

A virtual skincare consultation (approximately 30 minutes in length) is led by Kurmis, who kicks things off by asking the critical questions: your medical history, allergies, skin conditions, medications, and any previous reactions to products.

During the main discussion, Kurmis focuses on learning as much about your skin and skincare goals. This includes understanding your experience with current products in your morning and nighttime routine, what you like/dislike, and your habits. Doing so allows her to create unique product recommendations that fit accordingly with your budget and lifestyle.

She then goes on to explain her rationale – why she’s choosing these products for you, how they will help, and the order in which they’re applied. Before the call ends, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any last-minute questions regarding skincare, the industry, or any other specific products.

“Following the consultation, you’ll receive an email with your personalized recommendations, as well as instructions for use. You always get to decide what you’d like to purchase. There’s no obligation whatsoever”, Kurmis informs.  And if that wasn’t enough, follow-up consultations are offered “after 4 weeks, and then again after 8 weeks to evaluate progress, answer any questions, and adjust your regimen as needed”.

Is There A Fee Associated with Booking A Skin Consultation? 

Unlike the traditional setting, all virtual consultations and follow-ups are absolutely free of charge, with no pressure to purchase the recommended products. 

How Long Does It Take to Start Noticing Improvements in the Skin? 

It often varies, depending on the products used and the skin goals laid out. A general rule of thumb is to expect noticing results between 8-12 weeks. However, in some cases, where pigmentation is a concern (for example), it may take longer. 

Regardless, Kurmis tells me the communication lines always remain open for answering any questions along your skincare journey.

How Does Wonder Decide Which Brands/Products to Serve Customers? 

Wonder Skincare believes in providing (and promoting) medical-grade skincare products. “For us, it’s all about high-quality ingredients and proven results,” says Carere. Brands that have acquired such elite status put in the heavy-duty work, developing products that undergo rigorous testing while investing in clinical research to ensure safety and efficacy across the board. Essentially, setting the gold standard for skincare. 

And while there may be a vast number of online retailers who carry such brands, Carere warns that it may not be apparent if products are being sold under the supervision of licensed professionals. Not to mention, you’re usually left stuck deciding which product is best suited for your needs – with zero guidance. 

Wonder eliminates this guesswork. The confusion. To deliver a bespoke experience you, your skin, and your wallet can feel confident in.  

Visit Wonder’s website to learn more. Or, book your first digital skincare consult by clicking here.