10 Practical Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence with Advice from A Life Coach

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tips to boost your self-confidence

Overcoming self-doubt and negative self-talk is something we can all relate to. So many of us struggle with the inner voice in our head. You know, the one that plants a seed of doubt, justifying all of the reasons why it’s much better to give up now rather than try to fulfill our goals and dreams. And if we give this voice enough power, it ripples through all other facets of our life, including health and lifestyle choices. 

Luckily it does not always have to end up like this. There are practical ways to manage these thoughts; ride the waves rather than sink when such insecurities do arise. 

I spoke to Toronto-based Life Coach Sandy Berry, who has put in considerable work to break free from unhealthy habits that kept her stuck, held back from reaching her fullest potential. “I worked to change my thoughts, beliefs, re-evaluated my relationships, created discipline and a meaningful vision for my future,” she says. Now, she’s making it her mission to help others do the same. “I hope to share the tools and techniques that helped me in my journey to enable others to find their light and bring it forward for the world to see”, she tells me.

Read below to discover the sage advice Sandy describes as being essential for personal development, alignment, and reclaiming confidence. 

Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence:

1. Connect with Your Authentic Self 

Connecting with your true authentic self will help you to better define and make decisions from a more aligned place. So, how does one accomplish this? Carve out alone time during the day to be with yourself, whether that’s going for a walk outside or practicing meditation. The purpose is to disconnect from everyday distractions, even if only for a little while- resetting the mind and restoring clarity. 

Activities such as journaling offer an outlet for bottled-up emotions, allowing your thoughts and feelings to run freely on paper. Ask yourself: “How am I currently feeling?”. Give permission to dig deeper and divulge what triggered your response. This activity will also help articulate your wants and needs to others more clearly.  

2. Reframe Your Story 

Sometimes events of the past play a role in how we feel about ourselves in the present moment. We sometimes don’t recognize we hold the power to shift an old narrative, turning past tragedies into triumphs and choosing to view a specific situation as a learning opportunity for growth and discovery.

3. Practice Using Your Voice and Asking for What You Need 

Whether it’s setting a boundary in a relationship or small interactions throughout the day, practice asking for what you need – even if it’s at a restaurant or coffee shop. Use these little opportunities to clearly communicate – the only way to find your confident voice is to use it. 

4. Positive Self-Talk & Compassion 

Rather than placing judgment, observe old patterns, habits, and limiting beliefs with kindness and curiosity. Are you talking down or building yourself up? Become more aware of the inner dialogue you’re creating. As you become more familiar with detecting your unconscious habits, you can choose differently – opting for a path led with love. 

5. Invest in Yourself 

You are your most valuable asset. So, when you decide to fully commit and invest in yourself – whether it be time, effort, learning a new skill, or setting a fitness goal, you gain confidence in believing you’re more than capable of achieving your goals.  

6. Take Care of Your Body and Mind 

Ditch the unhealthy habits and replace them with ones that spark positivity- and I’m not just talking physically. What you feed your mind is equally important. Begin to pay close attention to the content you’re consuming in the digital world. Ask yourself: does this bring joy into my life or simply fuel insecurities? Because when we nourish our body and mind wholeheartedly, we can start feeling more energized and shine brighter than ever. 

7. Get Curious About What Lights You Up

To live a purposeful life, you need to ask yourself the important questions. Spend time to reflect, finding out what cultivates pure, endless joy versus what leaves you feeling depleted. Confidence is directly associated with what lights that inner fire and ignites curiosity. 

8. Build Community  

Believe it or not, the people you surround yourself with play an influential role in shaping your thoughts and behavior patterns. Look to build communities with those who share similar interests and values as yourself. This supportive network – the individuals you turn to- not only can improve your overall well-being, but they also act as your biggest fans, cheering you and your ambitions every step of the way. 

9. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

When we stretch ourselves into the unknown, this is where we grow and develop the confidence to trust ourselves with handling challenging situations. We also learn not to fret if things don’t go as planned. Curveballs are part of life, and by choosing to forge ahead, you’ll begin to inspire newfound confidence to reach out of your comfort zone and experience new beginnings. 

10. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways 

Sometimes we wait for the exact moment to feel “confident” and less fearful to accomplish a goal. This is a myth. We will never be fearless nor 100% ready. It’s about grabbing fear by the hand and doing it anyways. Each time we do this, we build confidence in our abilities, learning and growing from past attempts and ultimately setting ourselves up for future success.

To learn more about Sandy’s life coaching services, click here. And be sure to check out her Instagram for inspiration, motivational quotes, and the latest updates on her upcoming wellness workshops.