The Beauty Subscription Box Canadians Have Been Waiting For

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the beauty subscription box

As many die-hard beauty fans already know, one of the best (if not, most fun) ways to discover new and exciting products is to try it out yourself. Who knows, maybe this new discovery will quickly climb the ranks to achieve holy-grail status in your routine? But as much as it’s thrilling scouring Sephora for your next purchase, it’s equally time-consuming. Perhaps you’re like me and don’t have countless hours to spend roaming the aisles, collecting samples or swatches. 

Cue subscription boxes. A beauty lover’s dream. 

Think about it: a pretty package arrives at your doorstep, neatly arranged with various goodies to test-drive on your own time. What’s more, it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know brands you may never have heard of, making this an authentic hands-on experience. Such subscriptions typically originate overseas, but there’s a new kid in town who’s eagerly ready to support the Canadian beauty community with all the must-have items. 

I spoke with Agnes Fallen, founder of The Beauty Edit Box, who spilled the details on her newly launched service and what this means for Canadian consumers. 

On the Creation of The Beauty Edit Box 

The Beauty Edit Box is a curated collection of makeup and skincare items designed to seamlessly integrate into your everyday routine – all hand-picked by Agnes herself. For the past 17 years, she was a makeup artist within the beauty industry, perfecting her craft and artistry by working with women of all ages and skin tones. “I fused my love of makeup with helping women,” she says, which undoubtedly formed the foundation for The Beauty Edit Box. 

“It was during COVID that I began to think, ‘Why don’t we have a Canadian subscription box?‘” Agnes mentions. Indeed, it’s true. Most of the heavy players in the beauty subscription field are located in the United States, forcing Canadian customers to pay the dreaded taxes, conversion fees, and hefty shipping charges that are tacked on top of the initial purchase. Making the willingness to pay all the more reluctant. 

This lack of affordability and access coupled with Agnes’ disdain for samples (she needs to sit with the product for a while before deciding whether or not it works for her) led to the creation of The Beauty Edit Box. “Let me create a universally beautiful box with the essentials that Canadian women would appreciate and want.”  

On What’s Included 

Two versions of The Beauty Edit Box currently exist: 

The Mini Beauty Edit ($39.95) contains a combination of 4-5 full-size makeup and skincare products, giving you access to the essentials but at a lower cost. While the Luxe Beauty Edit Box ($74.95) provides 7-9 full-size items for you to explore. 

If you think about what it would cost to purchase this number of products in-store, it’s exorbitant. The sheer value each customer receives is a point Agnes can’t stress enough. At the very least, both boxes are valued at double the price than what you pay for – saving you some serious money while fueling your love of beauty; a no-brainer if you ask me.  

On Deciding Which Brands to Feature 

Here’s the thing, Agnes is acutely aware of what defines a hero product; someone who understands the importance of quality, results, and cultivating a ritualistic beauty experience.  

The brands she chooses to work with must pass her extensive checklist before she even considers serving them to customers. “Is this something your typical woman would use, or is this another product she will have sitting around in her bathroom cabinet?”. In other words, is it practical? Useful? And most importantly: essential? 

Of course, it goes without saying emphasis is heavily placed on spotlighting Canadian brands. Plenty exist, worthy of your attention. But on a macro-level, brands must deliver results-oriented products, be cruelty-free, and cater to mass appeal before they even snag a coveted spot. Whether your 18 or 68, Agnes wants to ensure you’ll receive an exceptional experience with products you’re bound to fall in love with and keep coming back for more. 

On What’s Next 

The Beauty Edit Box is still in its early stages, affording Agnes and her team time to tweak where needed. But at the rate it is rising, it won’t be long until they’ve cemented their status at the go-to Canadian beauty subscription service. “Something I can see us doing is offering more customization down the line, creating solely skincare or makeup boxes for those that have a stronger preference towards one over the other,” she says. Diving into the haircare realm is also a strong possibility. And like any savvy business owner, Agnes believes in rewarding her community of customers through member perks and affiliate programs. 

It’s more than a beauty box; it’s about building an experience that makes you look and feel great everyday.

To learn more about The Beauty Edit Box, click here.