The 2020 Savage x Fenty Show Is A Celebratory Visual Experience for All Women

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savage x fenty show

The Savage x Fenty Show is an annual event the world patiently awaits. It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t dare to have seen 20 years ago, hell 10 years ago – which is a testament to our culture’s progression. Yes, at the crux of it, it’s a lingerie show that highlights the brand’s latest collection – but its execution to drive female empowerment is what makes people consistently tune in year after year. It is a true, authentic celebration of women, for women, created by one the largest female global superstars – Rihanna.

There’s no doubt that Rihanna was made for this. She has created a world where the female body – in all shapes and sizes – is adorned. She’s taken the stale, male-ego-centered lingerie shows of the past – you know, the ones where women are showcased for men to ogle over, to please their sexual appetite – and given it the middle finger.

Her show is progressive, inclusive, and diverse. And, this was never a question, to begin with. In a behind-the-scenes clip, Rihanna discusses how her brand fully embraces creating garments that flatter a wide range of sizes, from XS to 3X – because how could you not? Each woman is not made to fit one particular mold. She gets this.

This year’s Savage x Fenty Show served us with some fierce show-stopping performances you’d only expect from a creative force like RiRi. Fishnets, hot pink latex, black lace bodysuits, a lush floral garden, and eye-catching solo numbers (case in point: Lizzo rocking it to “Brown Sugar”). Dancers owned the stage with their slick, razor-sharp transitions and body-thrusting moves courtesy of choreographer Paris Goebel. Simultaneously, some of the hottest musical artists, like Rosalia, kept the energy flowing.

I swear the show could go on a world tour, and it’d be sold out in minutes.

Just like other events during these unprecedented times, the brand had to adapt their typical event by stripping the audience as COVID continues to rage on. Instead of star sightings and waging on who got an exclusive invite to attend, viewers received a glimpse into the inner workings of what it takes to build a lingerie empire in 2020, including candid interviews with Rihanna, her team, and the cast of models.

It’s thrilling to watch Rihanna wear her creative director hat as she muses about how her experiences in the real world helped shape the core of Savage x Fenty. As she talks about how “fabric tells a story” and the difference in seeing it vs. feeling it, you can’t help but notice the meticulous craftsmanship put into every piece of undergarment.

But aside from all of the bells and whistles the show delivers, one segment focused on a topic that requires more in-depth discussion: sexuality. Paloma Elsesser, a prominent model in the fashion industry, goes on to say that sexuality or the idea to be sexy has “been co-opted into a performance for someone else.” We are programmed into believing that looking or acting sexy is for show, to satisfy the needs and pleasures of a partner.

This really struck a nerve.

Hearing these words transported me back to a time where I witnessed this notion plastered everywhere – in marketing, on tv, billboards – you name it. The thought that pleasuring a man takes precedence over yourself was an honest thought so many of us can relate to, and it didn’t help that we were receiving subtle cues from big-name brands to buy into this. It’s crazy today to think about – that if you purchased a piece of sexy lingerie, it was to flaunt in front of another person – god forbid you buy it for your actual self.

It’s shows like Savage x Fenty that encourage women to take ownership and tap into their sexuality- refusing the need to hand it over to another. “It’s your own divine inner power”, says Rihanna. And when you see women of every skin tone and body shape working the stage with sheer confidence and a sultry attitude – it’s empowering. I think Rihanna would agree that it’s perfectly normal – nay healthy- to put yourself first. To feel damn good in your own skin. Because to feel sexy and confident with the sole ambition to satisfy yourself, well, it’s the ultimate form of self-love.

The 2020 Savage x Fenty Show is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. To shop the collection, head over to Amazon and Savage x Fenty’s official website.

Here are a few highlights from the event:

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