So, What Are Curtain Bangs? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Hair Industry’s Latest Craze

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I’ve only had bangs once in my life. It was the side-swept version that everyone seemed to be rocking throughout my teenage years (millennials – tell me you can relate). I mean, these bangs were in, irrespective of whether or not you could actually pull them off. Countless celebrities approved of the style, while the girls from Laguna Beach made them wearable.

And even though side bangs are still relevant today, most of us have switched up our fringe for one that is more universally flattering and low maintenance, a look that is effortless to create yet still remains chic.

Case in point: curtain bangs.

The industry has been buzzing about curtain bangs for some time, as its popularity only continues to climb. So, what is it about this look that makes it so coveted, worthy of your attention? I chatted with Johanna Libbey, Senior Stylist and Co-owner of Moods Hair Salon (@moodshairsalon) in Vancouver, who shared her pro insight to help answer every FAQ on the trendy topic below. 

What Are Curtain Bangs? 

Essentially, curtain bangs are “an airy fringe that frames the eyes and cheekbones, says Libbey. Just as a curtain frames a window, the same technique is applied here – only in this case, it’s your face. 

Are Curtain Bangs High Maintenance? 

I’m here to debunk the myths. For those who are uninitiated, you might assume curtain bangs require extra upkeep – a task you (and let’s be real: everyone) simply don’t time to invest in. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Compared to other bangs, this one is incredibly low maintenance. In fact, Libbey mentions that “they grow out quite well, and if blended into face-framing layers, they can be left to grow out for a few months.” A look that requires little effort but appears otherwise? I’m sold.

Do They Suit Thin Hair? What About Thick Hair?

Full disclosure: I have coarse curls. So, when I heard that they suit all hair thickness levels, well, you can imagine my excitement and eagerness to run to the salon for a freshly cut fringe. Whether you have straight hair, wavy, coils, and everything in between, rejoice in knowing curtain bangs are here to complement all hair types.

What Face Shape Looks Good with Curtain Bangs? 

“This type of fringe is suitable for all face shapes as it can be tailored to each individual,” Libbey informs. “Some fringes will sit across the forehead, angling down around the eyes to hit the cheekbone; others may start longer and leave the forehead open with a center parting (or close to) and cascade from the cheekbone down to the top of the jawline.”

Best practice is to speak with your stylist beforehand to determine the most flattering style based on your face shape. Also, ensure to bring photos of the look you wish to re-create to your appointment. It helps provide a visual cue for your stylist to reference.

Still not convinced? Ahead, discover 10 stunning examples of curtain bangs that are sure to serve the necessary inspo you need to wear the look yourself.

01. Sleek Bob

There are so many reasons to fall in love with this look. The sleek hair combined with draped bangs and the bronde hue create a fresh modern feel.

02. Soft and Subtle

These lighter pieces near the front of the face add warmth and brightness while the longer bangs make for an overall effortless vibe.

03. Curly Bangs

A prime example of how curly hair can be paired successfully with curtain bangs for an ultra-flattering outcome.

04. Tousled Waves

These soft waves add a tousled effect that looks great day or night.

05. Whispy Blonde

This look is giving me major summer hair envy with the bright blonde hue and whispy ends.

06. Flared-Out Curtain Bangs

Who says bangs have to remain straight? Here, this subtle flared-out option adds a touch of volume – totally wearable for everyday hair.

07. Curled Fringe

These chocolate-brown curls look incredible with the addition of this set of face-framing bangs.

08. Hello 70’s

This retro-look further proves that curtain bangs can be worn with so many various hairstyles.

09. Wide-Set Curtain Bangs

What makes curtain bangs so versatile is the endless options you can create – they don’t have to be always placed across the forehead as indicated above.

10. Bounce and Volume

You might think the placement of these bangs hardly does anything. Sure it’s subtle, but take a look at the before and after – the transformation, and the way in which it accentuates the facial features speaks for itself.