Rock Your Baudy Is Empowering You to Move and Sweat – Through Dance

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rock your baudy

In today’s modern culture, we tend to associate dance exclusively with the pros. You know, the ones who have that *magical* ability to captivate a room with razor-sharp footwork, possess flawless physiques (who needs clothes?), and move with such grace you’d think you were born with two left feet. And while you may feel gaining access to the so-called dance club is purely meant for the cool kids who’ve nailed that rhythmic movement, think again. 

Dance extraordinaire Sarah Baudner fundamentally believes dance is for everyone, of all ages and body-types. Her fitness program, aptly titled “Rock Your Baudy” (RYB), looks to empower you to move and sweat with no inhibitions. “It’s about feeding your soul, not your ego,” she tells me. Most people struggle with confidence because it tends to coincide with competition – leading to that destructive spiral of negativity. RYB omits the competitiveness factor; instead, focusing on the joy and mood-boosting benefits dance can bring to your day. 

On the Creation of Rock Your Baudy 

“Dance and fitness have always been a constant in my life,” says Sarah, who’s been busting out moves since the young age of 4. This love, coupled with her progressive, uplifting attitude towards dance, helped spur the creation of RYB. “I wanted to create a safe space with no judgment,” she continues, allowing like-minded individuals to fully express their creativity while working up a sweat storm. 

On What to Expect from the Class

The digital program features a weekly 30-minute live-streamed dance cardio class; no equipment required. A high-energy music playlist designed to get you fired up and moving guides you through the workout as each track acts as a cue, targeting specific muscle groups, like the arms or lower body. 

Naysayers may mistake RYB for your typical Zumba class, but Sarah stresses the difference. She mentions this is an actual, authentic dance class, one that “incorporates HIIT and modern dance moves to have you shaking and sweating.” The program, curated entirely by Sarah herself, demonstrates her skills and ability to transform an intimidating form of exercise into one that is doable by everyone – a feat only accomplished by someone who has lived and breathed dance

The end result? A powered-up cardio routine injected with a burst of fun that leaves you wanting more.  

On the Benefits of Dance Fitness 

Aside from the inevitable sweat, promoting (and maintaining) positive mental health is another major benefit students of RYB receive. Sarah recognizes the distinct correlation between exercise and mental health, where even just a few minutes of movement per day can lead to a more significant positive outlook on self-image. “It’s all about releasing endorphins,” she says—those feel-good hormones which work to elevate our mood. And if we feel good about ourselves, we’re much more equipped to handle the curveballs life throws our way. 

Community plays an integral role in the RYB program. Sarah hopes to draw in individuals who are inspired to work out and support all body types, ages, and experience levels. Essentially, she wants you to “own your body and rock it every week.” But for those who struggle to keep up with fitness or lack the needed motivation, RYB might be just what you’ve been missing from your routine.

“I hope people have something to look forward to every week. Where exercise isn’t viewed as only a need but a want”, Sarah mentions. By focusing less on the “work” and more on the “fun,” RYB proves that cardio doesn’t have to be dull. An upbeat instructor, energy-inducing music, and dance moves that make you want to shake every inch of your body are perhaps the key to sticking with your fitness goals. 

On Future Goals 

Expansion is on the horizon, as Sarah tells me she foresees taking her virtual classes “to the next level.” The game plan involves continuing to grow her RYB community through social media channels, which, as I’ve witnessed, have served her well in attracting the right attention to her program. Plus, establishing a studio location (post-COVID) for in-person instruction will undoubtedly provide a more enriched workout experience, enabling Sarah to interact with her close-knit community unlike ever before. 

To sign up for a class or learn more, click here. And don’t forget to check out Rock Your Baudy’s Instagram for the latest updates, fitness inspiration, and feel-good vibes.