Rituel de Fille Review – Here Are My Unfiltered, Honest Thoughts

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woman glowing in the dark

Mesmerizing – the one word I’d use to describe Rituel de Fille’s Ara Eye Soot.

This glimmering pink-red hue is unlike anything I’ve ever seen (or used, for that matter). It’s an enigma. Do you use it on your eyes? Lips? What about as highlight? Truth be told, I’ve used it for all. The end result is downright gorgeous – and to think the product comes in the tiniest of containers. We’ll get to the packaging and the full-blown Rituel de Fille review in a minute.

But first, let me fill you in on what exactly is Rituel de Fille?

rituel de fille review

What is Rituel de Fille?

Founded by a trio of sisters, Rituel de fille is a makeup brand that fuses together rich, bold pigments, the finest natural ingredients, and an acute artistic direction to create a user experience unlike no other.

Each product they craft is a testament to the rigorous standards the company prides itself on. If an ingredient does not serve the end product in a meaningful way, it’s nixed from the lineup. Plus, their careful ingredient selection process means you won’t find the common nasties, like parabens, phthalates, or synthetics fragrances listed.

Oh, and major points are awarded for the fact that they’re cruelty-free – they love fur babies just as much as we do.

The finished products speak for themselves. It’s literally art for the face and body. And, one swipe is all it takes to become a fervor fan, like myself.

celestial eye soot ara

Rituel de Fille Review: Ara Eye Soot 

Ara eye soot is part of Rituel de Fille’s celestial family – a group of opulent products that look to boost shimmer on the face and body – or pretty much, anywhere you want to highlight. Each product’s name is a nod to the constellations which – as you’re bound to already know- glisten up the night sky.

Take one quick glance at Ara, and you might be taken aback by the (very) small packaging it’s housed in. I mean, I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical during my first impression of this product. I felt like I’d reach the bottom of the jar in a matter of weeks, not months. Was it worth the price?

The result was pure astonishment.

One swipe, and all my worries faded.

It’s one of those products that require a “less is more” approach due to its insanely high pigment payoff, similar to a particular eyeshadow palette that’s my go-to for ultra-long wear. And if used correctly, Ara should last for quite a while. It’s almost comical now to think that I had those initial thoughts.

For best results when applying, gently dab the product onto your finger. Avoid scooping the product out as you’ll invariably take out more than you need.

Okay, now let’s talk about color and texture. 

By now, you’re familiar that Ara gives off a pinky-red hue. But as you move throughout different settings or move to a more/less lighted space – the color shifts accordingly. Sometimes, it’s more pink, other times it looks redder, and there at times where I swear it’s translucent – this is the magic of Rituel de fille’s celestial eye soots (see swatch for a visual cue).

But one thing’s for sure, Ara always remains to shine bright. Honestly, I’ve yet to meet another product like this one.

The gel-based texture is smooth and creamy, making it a breeze to glide across the skin or mix with other products. You won’t find yourself tugging or pulling at the skin to ensure the eye soot remains in place – it sticks well, especially around the delicate eye area.

But… this can also pose to be a challenge if you make a mishap with your look.

Things can get a bit tricky if you place Ara on an unwanted area and need to remove it. The pigment really does stick to skin and can leave behind tiny glimmering flecks of pink if you attempt to wipe it off.

Avoid this scenario by taking your time, working in layers- using small amounts of product- to get the best outcome and nail your look the first time around.

Rituel de Fille Review: Swatch 

Here’s Ara in natural light.

Notice how the pink hue transitions into one that is more translucent at the bottom of the swatch? Pretty cool, right?

rituel de fille swatch ara

How to Use Ritual de Fille’s Ara Eye Soot

Okay, here’s where things get interesting:

The versatility that Ara brings to the table is something to fully acknowledge.

I applaud multi-purposeful products, ones that can be used anywhere on the face and body. Have you ever discovered that some of the best ways to use your makeup are to go against the rules and apply them to areas they aren’t marketed towards? I embrace this concept.

Blush as eyeshadow.

Lipstick as blush.

Highlighter as a lip topper.

These are all creative ways to maximize the use of the product, expand its range. And Ara is no different.

The options are abundant and almost endless if you think about it. Rituel de fille gives you full freedom to apply Ara to the eyes, lips, cheeks, collarbone, body – you name it. And with no toxic ingredients in sight, you don’t have to sweat thinking about adverse health consequences.

Here are a few fun ideas to try out (and my personal favorite ways of using this pigment) that are sure to elevate any look:

1. Apply As An Eye Topper  

Ara is my go-to eye topper. It just takes a basic look and upgrades it to a whole other level in 3 seconds flat. But I think what I love most is that it’s incredibly easy to achieve a shimmer eye without using several products.

Hear me out:

I typically start off by applying my Kosas liquid eyeshadow in Element, blending it over my lid using my fingers. This acts as the base for my eye look. Next, I’ll take Ara and dab it in the center of my lid and lower lash line to create a halo effect. Finish off with some mascara, or if I’m feeling extra, I’ll pop on some falsies, and I’m out the door.

2. Create A Fuller Pout 

You know how we’re told to apply highlighter on the cupid’s bow to give the illusion of a fuller pout?

Yep, Ara works wonders for this beauty trick.

Lightly dab the tiniest of product onto your ring finger and gently pat over your lips, focusing on the top and bottom center.

You can pair this eye soot with lipstick, and it’ll turn heads. But I’m all about a more subtle look, so I love to swipe some lip balm across my lips and add a wee bit of Ara in the center. It just adds this soft dimension to your lips that I’m obsessed with.

3. Highlight the Cheekbones and Collarbone Area 

This the perfect option for a more editorial look.

Lightly dab Ara onto your cheekbones in an upwards direction and blend using your fingertips. Next, apply to the collarbones for a luminous finish.

4. Mix With A Moisturizer For Full-Body Shimmer 

If you really want to amp up the glow, mix a bit of Ara with your favorite body moisturizer and apply it to your arms and legs.

Don’t worry – the finished result will not make you look like a disco ball. Ara’s just here to boost ethereal glow vibes. And I’m all for it. 

Final Thoughts

This Rituel de Fille review gave you a warm intro – but it just scratched the surface. TBH, there is a whole lineup of other products waiting for you to discover. Plus, more celestial eye soots that are just as dazzling.

There’s no question I’m in awe of Ara. With so many uses, this pink pigment continues to be a staple in my routine for all my glow up looks. It’s transformative and versatile; it can be used during the day for a subtle appearance or be part of a full-blown glam look.

It’s the type of product that urges you to take risks, get creative, and produce a look that speaks to your unique style.