PWRHOUSE Fitness is the Low-Impact, High-Intensity Solution to Your At-Home Workout Woes

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At-home workouts made a hard comeback in 2020. As the world shut down and restrictions ramped up, we found ourselves frantically signing up for virtual classes with our favorite instructors, streaming videos on YouTube – essentially doing whatever it took to keep our fitness game in high gear. And 2021 looks to be no different.

But despite this endless library of digital fitness content, who knew that one of the best, most effective (and fun!) forms of exercise would transport us back to our childhood years. Hint: it involves bouncing on a mini-trampoline. Those moments spent jumping up and down were actually doing wonders for the body – an activity we should have never stopped as an adult.

Its official name: rebounding.

According to a published study conducted by NASA, rebounding is a far more effective (68%, to be exact) and safer form of exercise compared to running. It targets every inch of the body, engaging your core muscles while torching calories like no other. Intrigued? You should be. The benefits are clear, with evidence-based results. Yet, so few, if any, programs have worked their way into the North American mainstream market – until now.  

Elite-dancer-turned-fitness-instructor Courtney Zelter aims to make rebounding a staple for workout lovers across the globe. Her digital program, PWRHOUSE Fitness, brings high energy, curated choreography, and beat-pumping music to the table – with new content delivered weekly. It’s fresh. Highly addictive. And makes you want to put your current at-home routine to bed.

But first, what exactly is rebounding? Let’s dive in.

What Is Rebounding Exercise? 

In one sentence, “rebounding is full-body movement performed on a fitness trampoline,” says Zelter.

What Are the Benefits to Rebounding? 

Rebounding offers a wide range of benefits that support total-body health, including:

  • Improving balance and stability
  • Supporting proper blood flow and circulation
  • Toning and strengthening the entire body
  • Supporting cardiovascular health
  • Supporting lymphatic drainage
  • Helping restore bone density
  • Helping strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

What Equipment Do I Need to Get Started?

Not all fitness trampolines are created equally. Before you make a purchase, ensure the “trampoline contains bungee cords rather than coils” as they tend to be less harsh on your joints and provides a gentler bounce experience.  

Here’s a peek at some of Zelter’s all-time favourite retailers to shop from:

How Often Should I Rebound?

“This entirely depends on your level of fitness and goals”. It can be a challenging workout for some, and if you’re new to rebounding, it’s imperative to take a slow approach. “From there, work your way up to 3 times per week” – a realistic amount for most individuals. Those with a greater fitness experience may be more inclined to rebound 4-5 times per week.

What is PWRHOUSE Fitness?

“PWRHOUSE Fitness uses beat-driven routines designed to challenge your body and mind”. The digital program consists of on-demand workouts, like pure cardio and strength training to name a few, with new routines dropped weekly – all choreographed by Zelter herself. Having such a format provides much-needed flexibility, especially for those who need the freedom to press play anytime, anywhere. And if that wasn’t enough, she consistently hops onto Instagram live to give viewers a free snippet of what they can expect in the complete program.

What’s the Cost of the Program?

A 7-day complimentary trial is offered to new subscribers, which then switches over to a subscription-based model for $27/month or $283 annually (CAD).

The PWRHOUSE Philosophy – And Why You Should Care

“I’m big on working out for different reasons other than being skinny,” Zelter explains. To work out means to gain strength, build confidence, endurance, and care for your mental health. As she points out, these reasons are so “much more rewarding and important” than doing it for the sake of vanity. Given the competitive nature of her accomplished dance career, it’s clear Zelter’s mental strength was at times tested – much more so than the average individual. And through these experiences, recognizing the importance of prioritizing mental health, she hopes to help others do the same. Perhaps this is why PWRHOUSE focuses “less on the aesthetic” and more on the mind-body connectivity.

This mindset shift, the discovery of internal growth, is part of PWRHOUSE’s core values. The workouts take a two-fold approach to health – fusing together both the mental and physical components for an overall holistic experience. You’ll notice cardio classes are offered as well as mediation practices- this is intentional. Unlike other programs, physical health is not valued or weighted more than its counterpart. In this case, they are equals. And to treat them as such just might be the needed key to unlock real, honest change within ourselves.

To learn more about PWRHOUSE Fitness, click here. And if you’re ready to kickstart this new routine, use the promo code “preimbeauty” to receive 50% off your first monthly purchase.