These Products Are the Little-Known Secret to Brilliant, Sleek Glass Hair

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sleek long hair in ponytail

The glass hair look is one that will never fall off trend. We’ve seen countless celebrities and models re-create this look over and over again in the entertainment industry. And it somehow never feels stale; always feels current. Maybe it’s because lustrous, super sleek hair looks downright gorgeous all the time; I mean, who wouldn’t want this?  

Although it may appear like this is straight-up meant for the pros, it’s really not difficult to achieve this look at home. These are the essentials: a blow dryer, flat iron, and a product that will deliver mega shine to your mane. That’s it!

The type of product you select is probably the only tricky part here. Choose wrong, and your hair may not produce the necessary glisten required, or worse, you could end up with a greasy mess on your head.

Here are some of our current obsessions we credit to nailing this look:

1. Color Wow Pop and Lock  

Color Wow Pop and Lock is the ultimate savior for dry, dull hair. It’s one of the few products I’ve seen that work on numerous hair types and textures, providing major shine and softness to all.

The texture is nearly identical to a serum, never feeling heavy or weighed down. Humectants smooth out your tresses and keep frizz at a non-existent level while hair shows off a glossy finish. Just take a closer look at this product and watch how it gives off this incandescent sheen, glimmering in the light – it’s pretty mesmerizing. If it can do that in the bottle, imagine what it can do for your hair.

How to Use: Pop and Lock can be used in a few ways, but to get the ultimate glass-like vibes, take a few pumps of the product into your hand and run it through wet hair, blow-dry and straighten as usual. If you want to elevate the shine, even more, you can always use it as a finisher, too.

2. Ouai Hair Oil 

Leave it to Ouai to create a hair oil that delivers epic shine, smoothness and imparts a sensual floral-esque scent.

The product contains several key benefits: it protects from heat, is well-suited for color-treated hair, and achieves a sleek finish. If that wasn’t enough, Hair Oil is crafted without harsh ingredients, like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, which is all good news for your hair’s health and quality.

How to Use: Ouai advises to apply the product on wet hair and air dry, but we find blow-drying gives that magnetic look we’re after, in this case. If you’re prone to dry ends, add a bit more product before and after you blow-dry to fully lock in the moisture – and you’re set! 

3. Amika Glass Action Universal Elixir 

Amika’s Glass Action Universal Elixir is an oil treatment that focuses on replenishing lost moisture, boosting shine, and strengthening hair. We love how this elixir fits in nicely during any step in your hair care routine. Use it during the prep phase, as a finisher or bring it to your hairstylist for an add-on to your color application.

How to Use: Apply to just-out-of-the-shower wet hair, running the product through all your strands; we think it’s best to avoid towel drying for best results. If your hair is on the thicker side, it might be a good idea to add a few more drops of Universal Elixir to amplify the shine — blow-dry and style as usual.

4. Dry Bar Liquid Glass Miracle Smoothing Sealant 

Dry Bar’s Liquid Glass Miracle Smoothing Sealant is one of a kind. I mean, have you seen the before and after photos? I’d suggest taking a peek to see why we’re so obsessed. Not only does the product receive glowing reviews, but it also contains powerful hair-loving ingredients. Vegan Keratin smoothes the hair cuticle while burdock root combats frizz. Plus, it’s meant to have significant lasting power, up to 3 washes.

What’s the end result? Hair is left feeling pillow-soft, with next-level shine.

How to Use: This product needs no additional help, so it’s best if used solo. Apply to clean, damp hair, working the product into every last strand, then blow-dry and style (flat ironing is optional). You must, and I repeat, you must blow-dry your hair to activate the product; heat enables you to get that sleek, glass hair look, so I highly recommend following orders on this one.  

5. Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine 

Imagine a product that delivers instant glass hair with just one spritz. Oh wait, Aveda’s brilliant spray on-shine does just that- filled with vitamin E, aka the epitome of shine, this product is the perfect pick to finish off your look. If you’re someone who loves to create sleek ponytails or any pulled back look that requires pesky flyaways to be controlled- Spray-On-Shine is your jam.

How to Use: Remember, this is a finishing spray, so it should be used as the final step in your routine. Use the product directly onto dry hair to boost luster or spray it onto your fingertips for a more precise application.