Kickstart Your Day With 5 Mighty Immune Boosting Foods for Breakfast

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immune boosting foods for breakfast

Immune boosting foods for breakfast have quickly become a hot topic we tend to ponder throughout the week. And, it makes total sense why. Now more than ever, we are forced to embrace a new normal, taking all the required precautions to keep ourselves healthy. That means frequent hand washing, wearing face covers, and practicing physical distancing. While these external actions are strongly encouraged (as they should be), it’s also necessary to examine internal ways of keeping our bodies protected.

Cue immune-boosting foods.

The immune system does an extraordinary job of protecting us from all sorts of diseases. But to give it a substantial advantage, we can incorporate specific foods into our diet to boost our body’s natural ability to fight invaders. These foods receive a round of applause for containing rich sources of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and essential nutrients – all of which invariably lead to a healthier diet.

When I consume these immune boosting foods for breakfast, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. I have more energy, my mind feels clear and ready to tackle work, plus I’m less moody/irritable. If these foods aren’t already part of your routine, it’s time to make them everyday staples!

Here are our top 5 immune boosting foods for breakfast that will leave you feeling energized and ready to embrace any curveballs thrown your way:

1. Ginger

Commonly used as a spice, ginger is widely known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and used to treat various ailments, including indigestion and osteoarthritis, to name a few. But one of the most popular benefits of ginger is its powerful ability to fight infections, particularly respiratory ones.

PRÉIM Tip: Always opt for ginger in its raw, natural form, never dried. I like to drink it as a tea and add honey for a bit of sweetness. This recipe offers instructions on how to get started.

2. Garlic

Not only is garlic used to enhance the flavor in meals, but it also acts as a preventative measure against certain cancers and heart conditions and potentially reduces the recurrence of colds.

You may be wondering: how do I add garlic to a breakfast meal? It doesn’t have to be complicated. See my go-to avocado toast recipe below, featuring raw, chopped up garlic.

Avocado toast recipe immune boosting foods for breakfast

PRÉIM Tip: After you chop up the garlic, let it sit on the counter for approximately ten minutes before using it, to allow certain potent enzymes to be released, maximizing its health benefits.

3. Red Bell Peppers

We always hear about eating vitamin C rich foods, like citrus fruits, to boost the immune system. But did you know that red bell peppers are one of the best sources of vitamin C, carrying 3x more vitamin C than oranges?

Vitamin C, a mighty antioxidant, is touted as being imperative for many body functions. Wound healing, growth, and repair of tissues, fighting free radicals – all lean on vitamin C to get the job done. Since our bodies can’t produce this water-soluble vitamin, we have to rely on food to meet our body’s requirements.

PRÉIM Tip: Because of their sweet taste and crunchy texture, red peppers are among my top choices to add to a breakfast omelet. I’ll combine the peppers with mushrooms, onions, and a bit of cheese for a powerhouse meal that will last me till lunch.  

4. Berries

They may be small, but berries pack a hefty punch. Flavonoids – a type of antioxidant – are widely present, helping to support immunity while protecting and reducing the likelihood of damage to cells.

Berries benefit your skin, too! Since they are loaded with antioxidants, these lovable fruits may play a role in slowing down the aging process.

Like red bell peppers, berries are also high in vitamin C and provide similar advantages. There are countless ways to incorporate this superfood into your morning. Smoothies, acai bowls, oatmeal are just some options to consider.     

PRÉIM Tip: Enhance antioxidant activity by selecting a variety of berries (think blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) to add to your meal.

5. Barley Grass

Barley grass supports and strengthens the immune system like no other. Vitamins B2 and B6 play a pivotal role in helping the immune system react quickly to attacks, while Folic Acid (vitamin B9) supports the overall health of cells.

People who take barley grass swear by its positive effects, such as improving sleep, energy, and reducing high cholesterol

Mask its slightly bitter taste by trying out this classic summer smoothie recipe, guaranteed to be a hit in the morning.   

PRÉIM Tip: Before consuming barley grass, it’s best to speak with your health care provider to learn more about potential side effects, and whether it’s a suitable option for your diet.

Final Thoughts

These foods do a great deal of good for the body but don’t think they are your only options. Plenty of others exist, as well. The key takeaway? Always opt for variety and color in your diet. Choose foods that will keep your mind and body working at optimal levels, so you can be ready – more equipped- to handle any obstacles thrown your way.

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