So, How Do You Use Lavender Oil for Stress?

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Lavender is one of those profound scents. I’m always in awe of how easily it captivates my attention. Just one hint and I’m consumed with its earthy, rich floral smell, instantly arousing a state of ultra-calmness.

When it comes to aromatherapy, you might be wondering how do you use lavender oil for stress?

It turns out, there is no other that ranks as high for its de-stressing properties quite like it. Mounting evidence suggests it’s a valid form of treatment for various ailments and conditions, improving the overall well-being of many. Its versatility is abundant. The obsession with lavender continues to rise from being the star ingredient in bath salts to body creams to candles. And you can’t blame people for seeking out its health-boosting powers, either. I mean, let’s face it, at some point or another, we all need a bit of help to unwind.

how do you use lavender oil for stress

Wake Up Feeling Rested + Recharged

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep; how during this time, our body enters a much-needed reparative mode, working to recharge and support us for the upcoming day. But stress can wreak havoc on this process, causing us not to receive those essential hours of rest.

It’s suggested that lavender can remedy those who have insomnia or struggle to maintain good sleeping patterns. It helps to calm the mind, relax your muscles, resulting in a more “slow-wave sleep.”

PRÉIM Tip: Before bedtime, add a few drops of lavender oil to a diffuser, allowing the room to fill up with the soothing, rich fragrance for a night of deep sleep.

Calm Your Nerves

Anxiety can be so debilitating, particularly during times of stress. The tight chest feeling associated with anxiety is something so many of us (count me in) struggle to live with. But research reveals that lavender is a natural alternative to the typically prescribed anti-anxiety medication, that is worth exploring.

Lavender may be beneficial at combatting anxiety and mood disorders, like depression. In fact, it’s lauded for its anxiolytic or “anxiety-reducing” effects. But its benefits don’t stop there. One study revealed its effects stretch to target and mitigate other associated symptoms, like restlessness and agitation.

PRÉIM Tip: I find such bliss in applying lavender during periods of fatigue. I always keep a roll-on in my purse and use it on my wrists for a quick reset.

Alleviate Pain

Lavender is widely praised for its ability to fight all kinds of pain. Ear pain, toothaches, post-surgery pain, osteoarthritis, and more, can benefit from lavender’s healing. And it’s got the science to back it up. One investigation unveiled its potential as a top contender against tramadol, a known opioid used for pain and inflammation management.

Another one highlights its ability to reduce the severity of migraine pain. By inhaling a safe dosage of lavender oil, participants in this study found their bothersome symptoms were lessened, suggesting this may indeed be a suitable treatment if you need immediate relief for your discomfort. 

PRÉIM Tip: If you’re like me, you might be keen on exercise -this is great for mental and physical health, but it can take a heavy toll on your muscles, particularly during the recovery phase. To help reduce muscle pain, I’ll mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with either jojoba or coconut oil and massage my arms and legs. It helps to soothe my tired, achy muscles, plus it feels heavenly on my skin. 

Final Thoughts

As more and more research examines its astounding powers for both mental and physical health, not to mention people are becoming increasingly aware of what they put in/on their bodies, the future looks bright for lavender. Who knows what’s next for this powerful plant? Maybe a new product discovery or health benefit is on the horizon? Regardless, I’ll be waiting right here, ready to take notes.

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