DMS Base Cream is the Ultimate Savior for Dry, Winter Skin – Here’s Why

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Satisfied with your current moisturizer? Think again. DMS Base Cream is not your average skin quencher. It’s a godsend for dry skin- locking in moisture while repairing your skin’s current condition – the perfect solution as temperatures begin to decline.

Sweater weather signals the beginning of classic traditions that only make its way into our lives during this time of year. Pumpkin spice lattes, brown-toned lipstick, binge-watching holiday movies. Ah, yes. Fond memories.

But as temperatures begin to decline, it can take a hard minute for skin to adjust to the cooler climate. Fall mandates the need for a thicker, more hydrating moisturizer. One that can combat the harsh dryness and irritation that typically arises.

Cue DMS Base Cream.

I’ve tested every moisturizer under the sun, from high-end to budget-friendly, and nothing, I mean nothing, works as effectively at nourishing my skin quite like DMS Base Cream. As someone who constantly suffers from dry skin, I can attest to the quality this moisturizer brings to the table – and let me tell you, it does the damn thing.

I can’t speak highly enough of it. Maybe it’s the way that it easily absorbs into my skin, requiring zero effort. Or how the more I use it, the softer my skin becomes. Whatever it is, the formula is pure magic, and I’ve never been happier (or more hydrated, for that matter).

Yet, this product falls under the radar for most. It’s not alarming if you have never heard of it – in fact, I’d be surprised if you did. I’d like to think of DMS Base Cream as skincare’s best-kept secret, only whispered amongst aestheticians – until now.

What is DMS Base Cream?

Made in Germany by dermaviduals, DMS Base Cream is a rich moisturizer that targets dehydrated skin, while repairing the natural moisture barrier. Minimal, high-quality ingredients are used, allowing the product to easily sink into the skin to provide instant hydration.

According to dermaviduals website, 3 versions are currently available: Classic, High Classic, and High Classic Plus. To receive the best results, select a version that best fits your skin type:

The Classic version is geared towards normal to oily skin.

High Classic is meant for dehydrated and sensitive skin (this is what I use).

High Classic Plus is the crème de la crème, the richest out of the 3 and addresses severe dehydration concerns.

DMS Base Cream

Key Ingredients:

Shea butter

Highly moisturizing, shea butter works hard to retain moisture in the skin. It also looks to strengthen your skin’s barrier, preventing external environmental factors from wreaking havoc and causing unwelcome dryness.


Ceramides are lipids (i.e.: fats) that make up the skin’s barrier, which forms a protective layer against environmental damage and moisture loss.


Don’t confuse squalane with its unstable, not-so-skin-friendly counterpart – squalene. Squalane (note the “a”), works wonders at boosting moisture to the skin and is highly praised for its antioxidant properties – allowing it to double up as an anti-aging ingredient.

How to Use:

1. Use DMS Base Cream As the Last Step in Your Routine

After cleansing your face, apply toner and your go-to serum. Because DMS Base Cream is incredibly moisturizing, skip the use of oil or any other moisturizing skin products. Pump a small amount of the product onto your fingertips and gently massage all over your face. You’ll notice how insanely easy it is for the product to penetrate into the skin- it’s almost like a welcome drink for your face, minus the greasy after-effects that can typically ensue with other moisturizers.

2. Use As A Makeup Primer

You know that nailing the base is key to achieving a flawless complexion. And while there is a slew of makeup products that currently exist on the market, nothing beats an old fashioned moisturizer that can double as a primer.

DMS Base Cream gives your makeup major lasting power by keeping skin hydrated and supple all day – which means saying goodbye to cringy lines and creasing.

Where Can I Purchase?

DMS Base Cream is rather elusive. You won’t find it at Sephora, nor your local drug store. You can always check with your local derm clinics to see if they carry it, but to save time, I’ve compiled a list of places where you can easily snag it:

1. Glow Dermal Therapy
2. Natural Derm Store
3. Beauty Mark