Hands-Down: The Best Toner for Clear Glowing Skin

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Game changing toner

Have you ever tried a skincare product that resulted in instant gratification? Where you take a step back from the mirror and think, “this…is it”. Few products have given me this reaction, but the ones that do are typically not just loved by me, but have an entire global community singing their praises – and for good reason. When you find that “it” product, you hold onto it for dear life.

Born in Paris, France, Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 is a top pick across industry leaders, a cult classic.

So, what makes it the best toner for clear, glowing skin?

A blend of unique ingredients, including skin-loving acids, are carefully selected to form the basis of p50, which works to smooth the skin, combat stubborn acne or texture, and leave you radiant looking. I’ve witnessed first-hand the effects p50 has with continued use. My skin is more even-toned, pores appear smaller, and makeup glides on so effortlessly. Plus, you’re skin receives this lit-from-within glow that’s unseen in other products. Believe the hype, with this one.

I’ve never had a good relationship with toners- always felt it wasn’t needed. “Why add an extra step into my nighttime skin routine, when I see zero results?”. It wasn’t until I tried the magic of P50 (specifically, PIGM 400) that I realized I was sadly mistaken this whole time. For any newcomers, P50 isn’t an actual “lotion” in the literal sense. Instead, it’s a gentle exfoliating toner that leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, and balanced.

“I consider this an investment in my skin, one of the staples in my routine. And it’s worth every single penny.”

best toner for clear glowing skin lotion p50

The Skin Ingredients We Love

Each version has its unique take designed to address specific skin concerns, but these skin-loving ingredients are real standouts found throughout, clearly making it the best toner for clear glowing skin.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid has been a fan favorite for a while due to its brightening and smoothing properties. What I love about this alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) is that it not only sloughs away dead skin cells, revealing a brighter-looking complexion, but it also adds a boost of hydration to the skin.


New kid on the block, niacinamide is quickly becoming an essential ingredient across skincare products. I love this vitamin B3 for many reasons: it plays nice with other ingredients, reduces pore size, supports the skin barrier, and reduces oil production.  


Anyone who’s used P50 can attest to the smell – it’s pungent and not the most pleasant – this is all thanks to vinegar, which, I think, is one of the *magic* ingredients that make this a hero product. Generally speaking, vinegar contains antimicrobial properties, which means fewer breakouts and improved clarity – all good news for your skin!

Salicylic Acid

Anyone who’s prone to breakouts will be obsessed with this beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). It swiftly tackles stubborn acne, purifies the skin, and works to combat recurring breakouts.

How to use:

1. After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, add a few drops of P50 onto a piece of gauze or cotton pad and press, I repeat, press the product into your skin starting at your neck and move upwards.

2. Wait for the product to fully sink in before moving onto your next step (think: 10-15 min). I like to follow with a vitamin c serum to really amplify the glow. But always do a patch test first to avoid any skin flare-ups. Finish up the routine with your go-to moisturizer.

3. If you need a visual cue, check out the skincare guru herself, Melanie Simon, on how to properly apply toner. She also adds in a few bonus tips to know when incorporating P50 into your routine. It’s worth a watch. 

Pro tip: On days you decide to tone, avoid AHA’s, BHA’s, retinol, or any other ingredients that may irritate your skin. P50 increases skin sensitivity, so be sure to slather on sunscreen before heading out the door. In case you’re wondering, I like to use it at night to avoid any skin mishaps during the day.

Where Can You Purchase?

Biologique Recherche is profoundly exclusive, which means you won’t find their products at your local drug store. It’s geared toward professionals to use in their treatments and to sell at their spas, but luckily, we’ve found a few places where you can easily snag the coveted toner and more.

Rescue Spa

One of the most popular online destinations for all things Biologique Recherche. They carry a wide range of products to suit all your skin needs.

One 2 One Studio

A Canadian salon/spa which is not only an online retailer but also offers one-of-a-kind face and body treatments using the posh Parisian line.  

Ambassade de la Beaute

Yes, this is the first U.S. flagship store, which means they are the experts when it comes to BR products, techniques, and treatments. If you live in the Palm Beach area, I’d be sure to check out their spa in all its glory and get ready to receive the most exceptional bespoke facial your skin has ever had.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely. It yields visible results, and my skin has never looked better. I find myself using less foundation- less makeup overall– since I don’t need to cover up any blemishes or discoloration like I used to. The price point is a bit steep, which means I don’t use P50 every day, but thankfully you don’t need to. I consider this an investment in my skin, one of the staples in my routine. And it’s worth every single penny.