BB Cream vs. CC Cream – Here’s What You Need to Know

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It seems as if the makeup industry is continuously churning out new products and innovations to elevate our routines. Hey, I’m not complaining, but it can be hard to keep up with all the latest updates, you know? Case in point: BB Cream vs. CC Cream – what’s the difference? You might think you’ve heard everything there is to know about these two revolutionary products, but trust me, there’s more to it.

BB and CC creams are great additions to any makeup routine if used properly (emphasis on the “properly“). In short, think of a BB cream as a lighter version of foundation, typically with the bonus of a few moisturizing ingredients to give the skin a more natural finish. In comparison, CC creams look to correct the skin from sallowness or discoloration by evening out the skin tone.

As you can already tell, both products offer a unique set of benefits to the skin. And, depending on your preference and skin type, you might be more inclined to choose one over the other -this is why it’s so important to understand the core factors that set each apart before making your final pick.

BB Cream vs. CC Cream: A Breakdown

BB Cream vs. CC Cream

What is BB cream? 

BB cream or “beauty balm” is a lightweight makeup product for your face – think of it as a hybrid between foundation and moisturizer. Because the coverage falls on the lighter end of the spectrum, it allows the skin to breathe while adding a subtle wash of color to the face- making it the perfect solution for no-makeup makeup days.

Elevated versions of BB creams look to add even more benefits to the skin, like including SPF. Many brands now have some form of sun protection inserted into the ingredients’ list, which we all know is a key anti-aging benefit and helps maintain your skin’s health.

How to Use BB Cream

BB Creams provide the ultimate quick, no-fuss approach when it comes to the application process. Most BB creams are designed to let you use your fingertips to blend the product across your skin – easy, right? 

This also makes on-the-go touch-ups incredibly simple to carry out.

Our Favorite BB Creams

What makes BB cream so genius is that a bevy of options currently exists, targeting nearly every skin type. Here are our top picks:

Bareminerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer 

bareminerals complexion rescue

This gel-cream formula is incredibly bendable – almost as if you’re applying a moisturizer to the skin. It’s sheer enough for days when you want a more toned-down look but also gives you the option to build up more coverage if needed. Star ingredients include squalane (keeps skin plump and hydrated) and titanium dioxide (hello, SPF).

Glossier Skin Tint 

glossier skin tint

Where have you been all my life?” – a common reaction to Glossier’s cult-classic Skin Tint. This product is formulated to be ultra-breathable, mimicking the look of your actual skin. Yet, it provides enough coverage to create an even-toned, smooth complexion. Notable ingredients include glycerin, which softens the skin, while diamond powder adds a subtle glow.

Editor’s Tip: The products listed are some of the best BB creams on the current market – there’s no doubt about that. But honestly, you can easily create a DIY version at home. Simply mix a few drops of your favorite foundation with a hydrating moisturizer, and you’ve got yourself a BB Cream. Yes, it’s that easy.

Plus, you’re in control of the level of coverage you want to achieve with this hack. Need your skin to be 100% even? Add less moisturizer. Want a more dewy, natural finish? Use a 1:1 ratio (equal parts moisturizer and foundation). 

What is CC Cream? 

CC cream or “color-correcting cream” is used to brighten and correct visible skin concerns, like redness and dark spots. To achieve this, the texture, consistency, and level of coverage tend to fall on the thicker, heavier side compared to BB Creams.

Even though CC cream tends to be built with fuller coverage in mind, it by no means leaves you looking like you’re wearing a ton of makeup. CC creams have mastered the art of concealing imperfections yet leaving your skin looking flawless and radiant.

How to Use CC Cream

There are no strict rules when it comes to applying CC Cream. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. If the product’s texture is thick, opt for a foundation brush and blend. If the texture is a bit more lightweight, you easily blend the CC Cream with your fingers.

Our Favorite CC creams 

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

IT Cosmetics CC cream does it all – provides full coverage, boosts luminosity, adds a dose of hydration, and includes SPF. Key ingredients include collagen, which helps improve the skin’s elasticity, keeping it firmer-looking. Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin and maintains moisture levels. And antioxidants are included to protect against harmful free radicals.

Supergoop CC Screen 

Quickly becoming a favorite amongst the skincare obsessed, Supergoop’s CC Cream looks to correct the skin without adding extra heaviness. It never feels like you’ve placed a thick layer of makeup onto your face – it’s highly lightweight for a CC Cream.

The formula is versatile and easy to blend, starting with sheer coverage but giving you the option to build enough to conceal imperfections. And since Supergoop prides themselves on using safe, clean ingredients in all their products (who else is a fan of their high- quality sunscreens?), their CC Cream is carefully crafted to meet rigorous health and safety standards. You won’t find ingredients like PEGs, talc, or phenoxyethanol, making its way into the formula.