6 Digital Fitness Studios Designed to Get You in the Best Shape Ever

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Digital fitness studios

Let’s get real. Exercise does so much good for you, both mentally and physically. It improves digestion, strengthens your muscles, boosts endurance, clears your mind, and releases feel-good endorphins. Need I say more? And since so many of us are spending more time at home, it may seem like getting in those much-needed 30 minutes of sweat-inducing cardio is out of reach. 

Well, I’m here to debunk those rumours. Hear me out. 

We all have had to adapt and modify our work schedules, routines, and so on, to stay safe – including fitness studios. Pre-COVID, you wouldn’t think twice about taking a spin class or getting in a few hot yoga sessions; this was what we were accustomed to, the norm. Large class sizes, maximum capacity. But that was then, and this is now. Restrictions may have lifted in certain parts of the world, but the risk of contraction remains prevalent for everyone. 

To help curb the spread, fitness studios that were once home to the most coveted workout programs in the city have now gone digital. And virtual studios that already existed have exploded with popularity. I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Never could I have dreamed I would have a bevy of options just a few clicks away. I get variety, taught by some of the most elite trainers in the world, and it’s all completed from home. It’s a win, hands down. 

Check out the list below to see how you, too, can kickstart your digital fitness studio routine. There’s something for everyone. And what’s great is that you don’t need a lot of heavy equipment to get going. A bit of space, a desire to commit, and you’re all set. 

Without further ado, here are 6 digital fitness studios that are guaranteed to level-up your workout:

1. LEKFIT Digital 

Founder Lauren E. Kleban created LEKFITs unique approach to fitness. Beloved by so many, the high-intensity, low-impact programs work your entire body, from sculpting your arms, to tightening your core, for maximum results in each session. 

LEKFIT isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Oh, no. You get a whole ton of workout routines to select from once you subscribe. According to its website, LEKFIT offers an “In the Studio” weekly series for all digital clients, updated straight from their LA-based studio. 

Here’s where it gets unique: BOOST, HYPE, and DEFINE are the three “workout concepts” designed to add variety and provide a more customized approach to weekly workouts. Depending on your needs and goals, you have the option (nay, encouraged) to mix and match. Plus, with more variety, you’ll never be stuck repeating the same program over and over again. 

And if that wasn’t enough, subscribers are given full access to a slew of LEKFIT libraries to suit nearly any lifestyle, including those who are time-crunched or any expecting mamas who need a safe, effective workout routine.   

Cost of subscription: $27.88 per month, once your 7-day free trial is complete. 

2. The Class by Taryn Toomey 

Described as “transcendent,” “an emotional exorcism” – The Class by Taryn Toomey goes deep into your being, tapping the mind and body like never before. I wouldn’t even call this a workout. It’s more of a cathartic experience. Something we all could benefit from during these trying times.   

So, what exactly happens during The Class? As someone who’s personally taken it, I recommend doing it yourself to know why everyone keeps raving about its mind/body impact. But what I will say is this: it is part plyometric, part strengthening, part energy-releasing. You’re left feeling cleansed, rid of negative thoughts, or pestering noise. Mind and body are re-aligned, heart re-opens, and energy becomes restored. 

I was fortunate to take The Class in person (check your local fitness studios to see if they offer it, for when it’s safe to step inside again), but the digital experience doesn’t fall short. It’s provided seven days a week across several devices, like your computer, smartphone, or tv. The subscription also includes access to an on-demand library where you can select from all sorts of programs, including videos that target specific muscle groups like your abs and arms. 

Cost of subscription: $40 per month, once your two-week trial is complete. 

3. Tracy Anderson Online Studio 

One of the top celebrity fitness trainers, Tracy Anderson’s career has amassed considerable success, not to mention catapulted her to global domination. With studio locations scattered throughout North America and Europe, her classes are widely praised for achieving noticeable results. But since everyone wants in, snagging a class spot poses to be a reoccurring challenge.   

Enter TA Online Studio. That’s right, Tracy Anderson has blessed us with unlimited access to all her classes, so we too can get the results we crave. They break down into three sections based on your fitness level, aptly named: sTArt, fundamenTAl, and atTAin. And like other programs, the list of workouts to choose from is ever-expanding. 

Cost of subscription: At $90 per month, I’ll admit the price point is steep. But what you get is accessibility to TA’s years of expertise and results-driven process, all packaged into video format. If you’re willing to invest, then her program is definitely worth it. 

4. BBG By Kayla Itsines 

Backed by an entire community of dedicated followers, Bikini Body Guides (BBG) is a must for those who want long-lasting physical improvements in just 28-minutes. Kayla Itsines created three programs, BBG, BBG Stronger, and Post-Pregnancy (she’s a mom, herself!), to get you lean and fit, without the need for expensive, heavy equipment. 

The program is simple to follow, complete four seven-minute rounds of resistance training or cardio, for a total full-body workout. Plus, the resources Kayla offers on her website, such as delicious (and healthy) recipes, exercise tips, and e-books, work alongside your fitness plan to keep you on the right track towards reaching your goals. 

Cost of subscription: $19.99 per month, once your seven-day free trial is complete.

5. YYoga at Home 

If you’re looking for something a bit more low-impact, yoga may be right up your alley. Last year, YYoga – a Canadian yoga and fitness company- decided to make their classes more accessible by creating their virtual studio YYoga at Home. It’s an immense win for those looking to reap the health benefits yoga has to offer. 

Subscribers will appreciate the bounty of videos, from hatha yoga to full-body fitness to meditation to pilates – all taught by some incredible teachers. Not only that, but YYoga has taken it a step further and offers classes geared towards improving physical pain, like lower back pain or tight hamstrings.   

Cost of subscription: At just $12.99 per month, you gain a plethora of valuable content straight from the pros, which makes this purchase a no-brainer. 

6. Body by Simone 

I’ve never met Simone De La Rue, creator of Body by Simone (BBS), but I imagine she is bursting with energy and loads of fun – because this is exactly the type of workouts she creates. She takes the bore out of routine fitness and transforms it into something to look forward to. Not to mention, her smile and upbeat mood are infectious, even through a screen.

BBS is the closest thing to a personal fitness trainer. It is a downloadable app (found in the Apple App store) and loaded with exclusive content. You receive a personalized workout program tailored to your goals (powered by AI), a meal plan curated by celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, and access to daily live classes. IMHO, It’s the ultimate program for a healthier lifestyle. 

Cost of subscription: $17.99 per month once your two-week trial is complete.

*Prices may vary

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