6 Amazing Canadian Clean Beauty Brands Worth Obsessing Over

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canadian clean beauty brands

Oh, Canada.

Home to furry creatures, maple syrup, cool-chick Lilly Singh – and not to mention, some of the best holistic skincare products on the market.

The evolution of skincare has been fascinating to witness within this nation.

Remember how products used to consist of one or two active ingredients, while the remaining only served as fillers, using names you could barely pronounce?

I do.

I also remember the messaging brands would use to convince you that their products were your next “holy grail” items, only to find out (after- the- fact) that this was a ploy used to entice your spending habits.   

But that was then.

Today, products are made with integrity. We, consumers, demand it- this isn’t a trend, but an emerging movement – and Canadian brands are leading the way, setting the future tone of skincare. Their ethos follows a similar pattern: plant-based ingredients yield better results for you and the planet, period. From the use of botanical oils to sourcing locally to creating a complete sensorial experience as soon as the product touches your skin- these brands are giving “luxe” a whole new meaning.

And, I’m here for it.  

canadian clean beauty brands

Here are 6 Canadian clean beauty brands you need to know and follow ASAP:


Founded in Montreal, Étymologie curates products that never skip out on quality. Ingredients are heavily backed by science, promising to deliver long-lasting results while adhering to top environmental safety standards. From the packaging to the sourcing of ingredients, each step is performed with sustainability in mind.

What’s more, their firm stance on combining nature with science is something to be praised. They know this mighty duo works – is effective. And can be used by all skin types.

Notable pick: Probiotic Vitamin C Serum

vitamin c serum etymologie

As a big proponent of Vitamin C, this product thrills me.

We know vitamin C is marvelous for skin brightening and protects from harmful free radicals, but did you ever think of pairing this antioxidant with a probiotic? It turns out this does wonder for your overall skin health- something Etymologie evidently knew when creating this serum. Seriously, is there anything this product can’t do? Reduces inflammation? Moisturizes the skin? Boosts collagen? Strengthens the moisture barrier? It’s a big yes to it all.


Harlow’s philosophy is simple: to create thoughtful products that you can easily incorporate into your routine. Made in Vancouver, they focus on a minimalistic approach to skincare – you won’t see a laundry list of items added to the ingredients – less is more in this case. With a wide array of products to select – from body and bath elixirs, to face masks, to botanical scents – you don’t need to look elsewhere to recreate a spa-like setting, at home. In fact, their products are made to serve as a ritualistic experience, where you take the time to “reconnect with yourself” – an act of self-care that can often be overlooked.

Notable pick: Coconut Exfoliating Mask

harlow exfoliating mask

This mask is designed to detox and purify your skin thanks to the help of pink clay and coconut flour. This product is versatile and can act as a cleanser, but I love to use it as a mask a few times per week. It gives me that deep-clean feeling and makes my skin feel oh-so baby soft.

Sangre de Fruta

I’ll be honest, I stumbled upon Sangre de Fruta at my local Nordstrom, and since then, I’ve seen the brand pop up everywhere I look. Originating off the coast of Vancouver, Sangre de Fruta’s products are other-worldly. And the scents? Divine. Inspired by ancient Egyptian beauty regimens, the products are here to indulge your senses, providing an evocative experience for all users. It’s the ultimate treat for your skin.

Notable pick: Hand and Body Lotion

sangre de fruta

Yes, this is a high-priced product, but trust me, it’s worth the splurge. Packed with ingredients like seabuckthorn oil and calendula, your skin is immediately nourished upon application. I love how it absorbs deep into my skin with such ease and works hard to heal my stubborn dry patches (think knees and elbows).


Just as we are encouraged to eat superfoods – those rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that do greatness for the body – Graydon relies on the topical use of superfoods to create their results-driven products. They are innovators in the skincare world, continually discovering new unique ways to formulate products to address skin concerns of all types. Milk thistle, chlorophyll, moth bean – to name a few- are just some of the unique star ingredients found in their skincare line. And if that wasn’t convincing enough, you can rest easy knowing you won’t find any harmful chemicals in their products.

Notable pick: Superfood Serum

graydon superfood serum

If you suffer from dry skin like me, this hydrating serum is for you. Loaded with rich antioxidants and omega fatty acids, your skin will soak up this serum, leaving you dewy and glowing all day.

Province Apothecary

Touted as vegan, cruelty-free, green business certified, and partnered with the Think Dirty app, Province Apothecary takes the ultimate pledge to provide safe, high-performing skincare. Their skin line is extensive, and rightly so. You can find something for every step in your routine here. What’s more, products are hand-made and formed in small batches to maximize quality integrity. As for the ingredients? Their name says it all. Each Canadian province plays an integral role in their line – it doesn’t get more local than this.

Notable pick: Moisturizing oil cleanser + makeup remover

province apothecary oil cleanser

Nothing gets rid of my makeup quite like an oil cleanser. And this one is no different. It removes it all – dirt, makeup, pollution – you name it. The result is hydrated, clear skin.

Okoko Cosmetiques

Word of mouth recommendations are a pretty big deal for me – I’m all ears- mainly if they stem from skin experts (this is how I discovered the beauty and excellence of Okoko Cosmetiques). This award-winning brand is beloved by many. Ingredients work synergistically with one another to give you flawless, radiant skin. But what I find so refreshing about this brand is their commitment to transparency. You won’t see any embellished claims lurking on their site. Oh, no. There’s no need for that when each product is destined to make an impact.

Notable pick: L’ élixir de pureté (Clarifying & Firming Serum with Dragon’s Blood Extract)

okoko cosmetiques

This anti-aging serum is ultra light-weight and quickly absorbs into your skin to improve skin tone and texture. Dragon’s Blood extract boosts the product’s firming properties while niacinamide and willow bark extract work together to brighten the skin. It’s a must-have, coveted item for many, myself included.