10 Black-Owned Beauty Brands that Deserve Your Full, Undivided Attention and Support

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black-owned beauty brands

It goes without saying that, in recent years, we’ve witnessed a swift configuration of the beauty industry. Diversity and inclusion are praised, nay demanded from consumers and business owners alike. Shades of dark skin are featured across marketing campaigns. Thick, natural, bold hair is in. And, showcasing authenticity – your cultural roots and heritage- empowers future generations to see themselves as beautiful right from an early age.

While the industry continues to create progressive changes, it’s necessary to recognize that the Black community has developed plenty of the beauty looks and inspo you see today. What’s more, brands stemming from this community have formulated unique solutions that many melanin men and women struggle to solve themselves. Sunscreen with no white cast, bronzers that pop on brown skin, lipstick that doesn’t wash you out – brands have taken the responsibility to address these concerns and provide options that enable people of color to feel and look their best every day. So, without further ado, we bring you 10 black-owned beauty brands that deserve your full undivided attention and support.

10 Black-Owned Beauty Brands:

Shani Darden Skincare 

Celebrity aesthetician Shani Darden has brought her years of knowledge and experience in the skincare realm to bring you her eponymous line. Find the basic elements needed for healthy skin, from cleanser to toner to moisturizer – all concocted by Shani herself. Our top pick? Her best-selling Retinol Reform promises to combat unwanted pigmentation while leaving skin smooth and bright.

Pat McGrath Labs

When Mother of Makeup, Pat McGrath, announced she was launching her beauty brand Pat McGrath Labs, makeup lovers worldwide went into a frenzy. Fast-forward to present day, and the craze never faded, instead PMG continues to dominate the beauty industry. In nearly every makeup category, rich, opulent shades are released continuously, designed to turn heads and leave you mesmerized by the glitz and glam found within each product. Our faves include Lust Gloss in Blitz Gold and the entire Mothership Collection (yup, not even going to try and pick a favorite).  


Dry, frizzy hair – who’s she? Briogeo is a hair care line formulated with natural ingredients designed to tackle all our main hair woes. Struggling with maintaining hydrated curls? There’s a product for that. Need to soothe your dry, flaky scalp? There’s a product for this too. But our all-time must-have product has to be the leave-in conditioner, which leaves hair feeling buttery soft, and oh-so-shiny.

Oui the People 

Oui the People offers a sophisticated (and ultra-chic) line of shaving products that look to address stubborn skin issues like ingrown hairs, razor burn, and dry skin. But what makes Oui the People standout – and I suspect transforms customers into loyal consumers- is tied to their mission. This is not about achieving perfection or flawlessness; it’s about shifting the narrative to one that “help(s) you feel great in the skin you’re already in.” A brand that shatters societal beauty standards? Count us in.

KNC Beauty 

You’ve probably seen their cult-favorite lip masks splashed all over social media, thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner and Jessica Alba. Sure, they’re super fun to take a selfie in, but aside from the cute factor, KNC Beauty products are made with naturally sourced ingredients and offer a host of benefits that will keep you and your skin happy for days to come.

Hyper Skin 

Anyone who’s suffered from acne understands that at some point, dark marks typically make their presence known, leaving you with the troublesome quest to erase their existence. It’s no easy feat. Hyper skin’s hero product, Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum, is filled with a concoction of ingredients that work overtime to tackle post-acne marks while helping to prevent future breakouts.

Black Girl Sunscreen 

Black Girl Sunscreen was created to solve the frustrating concerns people of color commonly face when applying sunscreen, dissuading them from using it altogether. With no residual white cast, a lightweight formula, and free from toxic chemicals, BGS is the answer we’ve been waiting for.

Fenty Beauty 

If there’s one brand we anxiously await for an upcoming product launch – it’s Fenty Beauty. Truthfully, we’ll happily fork over our money to Rihanna any day – because Fenty successfully delivers and represents what others have failed to fulfill in the past. This brand has set the bar for inclusion, representing all forms of beauty, and, of course, creates high-performing makeup products that appeal to all skin tones.

Danessa Myricks Beauty

The reasons to love Danessa Myricks Beauty are infinite. For starters, the products are multi-functional, which means you can apply them wherever desired. They afford you the freedom to play “outside the box,” a phrase Danessa Myricks has based the entire essence of her beloved brand around. And, with bold color options, illuminating powders and creams, and an impending launch at Sephora, we foresee DM Beauty becoming a staple in every beauty lover’s kit.

Prime Beauty 

Prime Beauty strives to create high-quality makeup products for women of color at an affordable price. The brand prides itself on celebrating melanin skin, defying archaic beauty standards that told us otherwise. Our top pick? Their highly coveted Brownzers (note the “w”) or “brown girl friendly bronzers” which provide that perfect sun-kissed glow for darker skin.